Here we help you t o create your own custom designs at your own wish with your own wish.

And you can add any pre-designed graphics to your own custom T-Shirts with very low price.

We are especially known for own custom T-Shirts and great quality services.

We never let down our customers

Because great things comes with great responsiblities





As you can see our name WISHPRINTZ provides you the whole information about us…
What we do what we serves you here
WISHPRINTZ allows you to print and design your own CUSTOM DESIGNS and we ensure that you get high quality designs at a very low prize
You can also upload your own tattoos or logos of your company or your team
We prints on your wish
Our main mission is to provide our products to our customers on customer’s design and their will
For us WISHPRINTZ is the spirit of looking things differently through out customers vision
We try different things even when success is not guaranteed.


Our vision comes out from our customers

Where everyone has a different prespective of world and we respect each and every person’s vision but here we talk about vision of upcoming fashion

Where each and every one has their unique identity

So here we are to help you

WISHPRINTZ helps you to create your own designs with your own unique logos tattoos or even your own name with different styles, language,etc.

Everything you imagine to design is now possible with us

Even though you can also use our services to promote your team or company with your logos or tattoos or anything

You design and leave the rest we will take care of it.

Vintage Poster Mockup by Anthony Boyd Graphics